#CGBTakesOn: Seoul

Spent about a week in Seoul and Busan sight-seeing, soul-searching and of course, cafe-hopping but unfortunately I did not manage to go to as many coffee shops as I had hoped because I was focused on sight-seeing. But anyways without any further ado, below are the coffee places that I visited while in Seoul.

Roasted Sip

Another specialty coffee roaster has made its mark in our abode of peace, to cater to the growing coffee market in Brunei and around the world. As more coffee establishments open in Brunei and as more people are introduced to specialty coffee, freshness of the coffee is becoming more sought after in the nation.  Having another… Read More Roasted Sip

#CGBTakesOn: Ho Chi Minh

Last month, I went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with a group of friends and we spent a good week there sightseeing, shopping (ehem, that’s a given cos #kainsgalore #telekungsgalore) and of course, cafe-hopping. Would be a waste not trying out the coffee from the second biggest exporter of coffee while we’re there.