Cafespirations: Busan

I chose Busan as my solo travel destination back in 2014 mainly because of the drama ‘Answer Me 1994’ where one of the main characters, who is my favourite (#teamtrashoppa), went to Busan briefly for work. As I had been in Korea before I know that it’s a safe place for women travelers. Plus, being one of the main cities, it has a good public transport system which will make it easier to move around.

The first cafe I went to in Busan was a coffee house chain Angel-in-us Coffee and according to the website the name implies ‘a cup of coffee by an angel that makes you smile’ and doesn’t that description itself make you smile? 🙂 Coffee in Korea are usually on the bitter side, which I love.

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Plotting my conquest with a cuppa

One of Busan’s main tourist attraction Gamcheon Culture Village, dubbed the ‘Santorini of the East’ but some say the closest comparison would be Rio de Janeiro’s Favelas, has several cute cafes, unfortunately some of them were not opened yet when I was there. The cute cafe I went to (can’t remember its name now) served instant coffee, so the coffee I had was nothing to write home about but the view from the cafe is amazing.

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I miss this view.

While researching for the must-visit cafes in Busan, Black Up Coffee Factory came up several times and it has received good reviews for their coffee. Regretfully I didn’t get their coffee because I had one earlier in the day and I didn’t want to upset my tummy. I ordered Matcha Latte instead and it’s one of the best Matcha Latte I have ever had. Matcha has a bit of caffeine in it too right so it’s almost a coffee?


Busan is also known for its beaches and Gwangalli beach is one of the more frequented beaches, aside from Haeundae, because of its Gwangan Bridge (also known as Diamond Bridge), which lights up at night with alternating colours making a spectacular show and there is a fireworks festival every October. Lining the beach, there were many cafes located close to each other and all of them had a view of the beach. The cafe I went to was The Cafe Cen’a’cle and it was a pretty chill cafe. I had an amazing time watching people, some with families, playing at the beach.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
A cup of coffee does make me feel good and happy.

That pretty much wraps up my cafe hopping adventure in Busan. I’m amazed at the amount of cafes that Busan has and I wish to see Brunei’s coffee scene flourish. Much like in ‘Santorini of the East’, I would love to see a cafe being set up in Brunei’s very own ‘Venice of the East’.

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