Caffe Verve

Interesting fact: this cafe is situated at a simpang (corner) which doesn’t exist on Google Map yet *cue X-files soundtrack* If you’re wondering where exactly this cafe is, it is on the same row as Sopan Furniture in Batu Bersurat (there should be a big sign showing you the direction to the furniture store near the ~mysterious~ simpang)and it is in the same building as Alliance Française.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe cafe is spacious with big windows so lighting was superb. We sat by the windows but the view was nothing much. If you have a thing with tiled floors like me, you would love this cafe – especially the ones on the upper floor (#hearteyesemoji). The selection of music being played was great – songs reminiscence of the Beatles.

I had their cappuccino. It was bitter, just the way I like them. Definitely coming back for the coffee. They also serve various flavoured lattes including exotic ones (I haven’t encountered in other Brunei cafes) such as butterscotch, rose, litchi and so on.



Went to the cafe at around 9 in the morning on a Saturday. Pastas and burgers are only available after 12 PM, the only food we can order were pizzas so we ordered their Breakfast Pizza, which was topped with Cheddar cheese, tomato, beef rashes, potato, scrambled eggs, mushrooms. The pizza was pretty good though a bit too much for 2 people, it would be perfect to share among 4 people. There were cakes available too, if you don’t feel like eating pizza.


In summary – great coffee, good customer service, verve-y vibe.

Opening Hours: Mondays open for coffee only, Tuesday – Saturday 07:00 – 00:00 (Midnight), Sunday 09:00 – 00:00.

Location: Unit 6A, Simpang 68, Jalan Batu Bersurat.

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3 thoughts on “Caffe Verve

  1. I want to add something: the pure chocolate drink they have was absolute delish! To non-caffeine drinkers and a chocolate(beverage) lover, that was a plus. Definitely would come for it too 😀


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