Coffee Talk: De’Ceriaa Cafe

Coffee Talk series continues with Q&A with De’Ceriaa Cafe, a nice quaint cafe situated in Kiulap, famed for its freshly brewed coffee and mouth-watering burgers. Small it may be, the cafe has amassed regular visitors with their good quality and reasonably priced food.

Tell us the history behind De’Ceriaa Cafe.

This cafe started operating in September 2014. The previous partners approached me to run this business and somehow it didn’t do well so they decided to sell it off. I asked my uncle if he could buy this business from them and he did. So now this business is under my name, and I am fully in charge of running the show.

How did you get your start in coffee and why venture into the business of selling coffee?

The original plan was all about coffee since I had Barista training in Technical School and this is how we get started in this business. Ever since then, we are continuously upgrading our coffee with a good quality beans and serve them at cheaper price.

The cafe holds a ‘freestyle’ concept where customers can bring their own ingredients and the cafe will cook it according to their preference. Can you elaborate on why you choose this concept?

We have very unique customers I must say. We have this policy from our old friend, “You come as a customer, but you leave as a friend”. Because of that, we’ve become closer with our customers and some of them even come here every night. Since we have a limited menu, sometimes our regular customers bring their own stuff and asked us to cook for them.

What is your vision for De’Ceriaa Cafe?

We want to recruit more local people to be in our team and we just hope people can see that our local youth can be successful in the Food & Beverages Industry. If we have more budget and support, we would like expand our business, maybe a second branch or a bigger place.

Would you ever think about opening a second location and where would it be?

We had that thought, but for now, let’s just focus on one branch as we are still a baby in this industry. We want to learn and continue to upgrade to satisfy our customers. Quality over quantity.

What are your thoughts on the current Brunei coffee scene and culture and ways it can be improved?

Coffee Shop is a big trend nowadays. People appreciate coffee more and know the difference between good and bad coffee. How we wish there is more Barista training especially for our local and will not hesitate to make it into a career. We heard about those events in Brunei about food vendors, and we find it interesting when we saw a coffee vendors as well. We hope to see more local coffee shop with a different concept because we love to cafe hoping.

What advice would you give to someone who is dreaming of opening their own coffee shop?

Be passionate. Be patience. Be original. Take a risk. Not everyone is lucky to succeed at their first trial. There will always be ups and down, just don’t give up. It is not the end of the world. There is a quote by Claire Cook,”If Plan A fails, remember there are 25 more letters.” And the last one, be kind to other people.
That is some good advice. I really like the cafe’s friendly concept – “you come as a customer, but leave as a friend”. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the Q&A. You can read more about De’Ceriaa Cafe and the success story of the cafe owner herehere and here.
Location: Unit 21,Ground Floor, Bangunan Haji Metussin , Kiulap, Gadong B, Brunei-Muara, BE1518
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs, Sat – Sun 10:30 – 23:00 Friday, 15:00 – 00:00
Contact Number: +673 8298900
Follow them on Instagram:

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