Coffee Talk: Full Haus Coffee

Continuing the Coffee Talk series with Full Haus Coffee. They have been doing pop-ups in various events in the country and since May this year up until the start of Ramadhan were serving freshly brewed coffee at Health Promotion Centre.

What is the history behind Full Haus Coffee?

It all started with Wafi Sulaiman (our founder) when he bought his first (& only, I might add) coffee capsule machine, which eventually he found to be quite unfulfilling. At the same time, he was fortunate enough to be able to travel around in countries such as the UK, the Philippines and Singapore, where he had the opportunity to do some cafe hopping and tried some really great cups of coffee. This is the point where he started becoming curious, and eventually aware of the vastness of the coffee world. This sort of exposure drove him to take a barista class in Manila, which is also where he bought his first manual espresso machine. Once he came back to Brunei, he suddenly realised that in comparison with the coffee scene in other countries, Brunei’s is yet to achieve the same level of standard and prominence; so he saw an opportunity. He gathered a few of his first cousins, all of which are from completely different educational backgrounds, but with one common goal – to create a successful business… and that’s pretty much how Full Haus started!

Can you tell me what inspired the name (and what the name signifies)?

There are two parts to the answer to this question. This first one is the word ‘Haus’, which is German slang for awesome, or more precisely, to be really good at something, in all aspects of it. This resonates really strongly with all of us at Full Haus since quality (and the control of it) is something we prioritise greatly. Secondly, when combined with the world ‘Full’, it’s actually in reference to the five-card poker hand, which represents the five families (from which the members of Full Haus are from) coming together and taking a risk.

What is your vision for Full Haus Coffee?

What we really hope to be able to do is, through providing variety in the coffee beverages that we offer, we are able to contribute significantly towards Brunei’s specialty coffee scene by exposing and educating the people of Brunei of the immense possibilities that coffee is able to offer us, in terms of flavour, texture, mouthfeel, aroma, aftertaste – and this is purely from the coffee itself! At the same time, completely remove the common pre-concieved notion that coffee is just bitter. Perhaps one day, we can then take the next step and really venture out into the realms of harvesting, drying, ageing, roasting etc. The processes and variables involved in making that cup of coffee taste great truly seems endless; it really is exciting times for coffee lovers everywhere.

Would you ever think about opening a second location and where would it be?

Second location? Not right now and that’s because we have yet to establish our first location! We are currently doing strictly pop-us, which really works well for us due to our size and infancy. We hope that we can build on our experience as well as revenue towards our first official shop. We honestly can’t wait! Just to add to this, a second location would come with it a risk in terms of quality control. If we somehow reach a stage where we are able to expand without risking quality, only then would we consider it.

What are your hopes for Brunei coffee scene and culture?

It is becoming apparent that there are plenty of cafes and specialty coffee shops popping up here and there, which is awesome and we are really excited about that, and to be a part of it as well. We do that hope that we can collectively provide to our customers menu items (especially coffee drinks) that are well thought out and has substance. There has to be a clear intention and understanding as to how and why the drinks taste the way they do. This industry needs to be driven by curiosity and risk taking. We need to be adventurous and innovative. That way, we can truly offer the people of Brunei the best experience the coffee world has to offer.

If you would like to keep updated with Full Haus Coffee’s journey and pop-ups, head over to their Instagram:

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