Coffee Talk: Batches Coffee

Coffee Talk series continues with Batches Coffee (@batchescoffee) – Instagram seller based in Jalan Muara, offering cold brew coffee in small batches. Each batch is made from hand selected beans, manually brewed and filtered. I have tried Batch No. 3 when they used Sumatra Mandheling beans, and at that time they offered two types of cold brew – Straight Up Black and Treacle Milk. Both tasted amazing! Read on to find out more about Batches Coffee.

What is the history of Batches Coffee? 

Batches Handcrafted Cold Brew Coffee initially started with our curiosity of different methods of brewing coffee. But tracking back, it really started with when we were working in Malaysia in the Production Industry where coffee is an essential beverage for those working in the said industry, as it kept us on our feet with the odd working hours that we tend to face. Whilst working in Malaysia, we also had the opportunity to travel to various numbers of ASEAN countries for travelogues and luckily enough had the chance to sample different coffees that are available in those countries. In addition with a recent trip to Australia last April, we picked up a little knowledge on the different methods that can be used to bring out the best flavors out of coffee beans.

When we moved back to Brunei last May, we had applied what we had learnt about coffee from different countries we’ve been to and decided to focus on Cold Brew Coffee. We wanted to share our personal experience with our fellow Bruneians, and what better way to share it with them through a unique method of brewing coffee that everyone can enjoy ice cold in a hot country like ours?

What inspired the name?

The name Batches was inspired by wanting to provide different batches of hand selected coffee beans that can be consumed for all. We look into trying different beans and made them in small batches of cold brew coffee. Hence the name “batches”, as it was popping up in every sentence we conversed during our brainstorm,so there and then “Batches” as a brand was born.

source: Instagram (@batchescoffee)

What’s the vision of Batches Coffee?

Our vision for Batches Coffee is to provide Bruneians with Ready-To-Drink cold brew coffee readily available for all. In the near future, we also envision to eventually set up a physical coffee house where Batches Coffee would be readily available for all to just grab and go.

What are your hopes for Brunei coffee scene and culture?

As we’ve observed that Bruneians in general tend to hop on the bandwagon just because its trending. The way we see it is that Coffee Culture is not a fad or a trend, but is a way of life and can be a big contributor to our economy itself. Entrepreneurs in the coffee scene should always strive to keep this culture alive rather than letting it be just another trend of the year.

source: Instagram (@batchescoffee)

What’s the difference of Cold Brew Coffee as oppose to regular brewed coffee?

We know that some people aren’t able to consume regular brewed coffee because of its acidity which upsets their system, but Batches Coffee provides an alternative option for those who are a little more sensitive, because everyone deserves to enjoy coffee as much as we do! Cold brewing can reduce the acidity of coffee by about 60% as oppose to regular brewed coffee, definitely a much healthier alternative as it can be enjoyed by all.

Head over to the Instagram page @batchescoffee to keep updated with their next batch and next pop-up. Check out their video below on how they do the filtering and brewing process.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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