Ran’s Coffee

Ran’s Coffee started selling coffee on Instagram (@ranscoffee) and delivering them to customers. They also occasionally conducted private latte art classes. On 25th July 2016, they opened their coffee-to-go kiosk at Centrepoint, Gadong. I really like the colour scheme of the kiosk, it’s so bright and cheerful! The place can fit up 4-5 patrons. The kiosk is also surrounded by mini shops, so you can have your drink while you’re browsing through the many exciting things.


These are the type of coffee drinks they offer. Even if you’re not a coffee-drinker, you can have a try at their non-coffee drinks pictured above. They also have cakes, sandwiches and cookies, if you’re looking for a light bite.


I ordered their Flat White. They were using a blend of 70% Yirgacheffe Kochere, 30% Colombia Bruselas. It had a nice aroma, naturally sweet with a hint of chocolate. The second time I went there, I tried their signature Black Forest. Ran explained that the drink is a mixture of chocolate, berry and coffee. I absolutely love it! A bit sweet, but the three flavours really came together nicely.

They also do delivery within Gadong area. As Gadong can get busy sometimes hence getting a parking can be quite a challenge, you can just give Ran’s Coffee a call and they will deliver to your car. That’s one amazing service offer.

I really love the idea of independent (not the international coffeehouse franchises) coffee -to-go kiosk and I think it’s something Brunei should have more of 🙂


Just go straight through here and turn right

Opening Hours: Daily, 10:30 – 21:30

Contact Number: +673 8697700

Follow them on Instagram: @ranscoffee


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