Event: Coffee and Cars BN

Motoring BN, Brunei’s first quarterly magazine that focuses on showcasing the latest trends and news for cars and motorcycles, will be holding Brunei’s first cars and coffee event in October this year (Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th, to be precise) at Jerudong Park. Coffeegirl BN (that’s me hehe) has officially been appointed as ‘Coffee Guide’ (yay!) for the event. Basically I’ll be going around the event and do media updates (tweets, Instastories, etc) so stay tuned guys! 😀


Anyways, some details regarding the event you might find useful:

What is the event all about?

As the name suggests, there are gonna be cars (sports cars, super cars, vintage cars, you name it!) and coffee so if you’re a fan of cars or coffee or both, you will be in for a treat! If you’ve been following Brunei’s cafe and coffee vendors on Instagram but you haven’t had the time to visit them, the event is a good place for you to finally give their coffee a try.

What can you expect?

Coffee talk, music, casual and chill meetups with fellow coffee and cars enthusiasts.

How much are the tickets?

$5 per person, per day. So if you’re planning to go on both days, it will be $10.

Where can you get the tickets?

For now you can book your tickets here (or you can click on the image below). There, you can also find more information regarding he event.

Use the promo code C&C@CGBN 🙂


For more information and updates, head to Motoring BN’s instagram (@motoringbn) and click the Follow button.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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