Infographics: Coffee Consumption in Brunei (Preliminary Findings)

If you’re following coffeegirlbn on Twitter, for the past few weeks in September 2016, you might be aware that I have conducted several polls with regards to coffee consumption or habit in Brunei. Caution: I only managed to get an average number of participants of 15 – quite small and may not represent the whole nation of ~500,000 people, so sampling error of this thing is too high! Take the results with a grain of salt – well actually, a LOT of salt.

Why do we need to take salt when dealing with information anyways?

But anyways, because I like infographics, here are the compilation of results of the polls I conducted in the form of an infographic. Hopefully it will provide, to some extent, insights to the coffee consumption in Brunei:


(for better quality, here)

I will conduct another survey in the near future with more questions on this matter and hopefully we can get more participants so the results can more or less reflect Brunei’s population. Let me know also the kind of things you would like to find out about the coffee consumption in Brunei, by either commenting below, or e-mailing me ( or sending me a tweet (@coffeegirlbn_).

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Hi guys! I am collaborating with Twentyfive.Bn to conduct Brunei’s first coffee survey. You can find the survey here.

The survey aims to get a better picture of the state of coffee in Brunei and we hope that it would be an annual survey to record and understand the trends happening in the coffee industry. We will be sharing the results of the survey to everyone – no matter if you’re an owner of cafe/coffee shops, doing business in the coffee industry, or just a coffee enthusiast.

This survey will take no more than 10 minutes of your time.

The survey will run until 22nd October 2016 and we hope to share the results with you by end of the month. Help us get as many participants as possible, so the results can more or less reflect the Brunei’s population.

If you have comments on the survey, you can either comment below or drop us an e-mail at

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