Caffe Bene Brunei

Founded in 2008, Caffe Bene is a coffeehouse chain based in Seoul, South Korea with over 1,000 outlets worldwide and in March 2017 finally makes its presence in Brunei and thus making it the first Korean coffeehouse in the Sultanate.


I was legit thrilled when I found out Caffe Bene would be opening in Brunei. I went to its Myeongdong branch back in 2011 and since then I have been hoping for a Korean coffeehouse franchise to be established in Brunei.


The cafe is bright and airy with glass walls on 3 sides to allow plenty of natural lighting to stream in so you can take amazing pictures of your food – good for coffeegraphers like me – and it’s also great for people-watching and car-watching.


There’s a replica of the menu items on display at the counter so you can see how it would look like and how big they are. You can also check out their menu on their website here.


Coffee: I ordered their cappuccino ($4.80) and even though it was light-bodied, it was not too milky and it had a mild coffee taste.

Food: We shared Caramel Cinnamon Honey Bread ($7) and Green Tea Bingsu ($8 for the regular size). We love the texture of the bread, it was not soggy and not too hard. The thick bread was topped with whipped cream, drizzled with caramel syrup and

If you’re wondering what a bingsu is, it is basically shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings, kind of like the Malay dessert Air Batu Campur (ABC). The Green Tea Bingsu was topped with nuts, red beans, green tea gelato and whipped cream. If you’re looking for a place to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, this is the place to go.


I found it cute that we were given a card explaining the steps to enjoy the bingsu. First and foremost, you gotta take a picture of the bingsu of course, such as the picture above 😉 The rest of the steps you can check out in the picture below.


I had waffle on the second visit and the texture is nice. It was topped with nuts and chocolate syrup which was a bit too sweet to me.


Service: As we visited the cafe within a few weeks from its opening, we had to wait a while for our orders to come. However, with time and enough experience, I think the service can be improved.

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 09:00 AM – 11:00 PM (on Friday there’s a break from 11:45 AM to 02:00 PM for Jumu’ah Prayers)

Location: Ground Floor, Airport Mall

Instagram: @caffebenebn

Facebook: Caffè Bene Brunei



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