Roasted Sip

Another specialty coffee roaster has made its mark in our abode of peace, to cater to the growing coffee market in Brunei and around the world. As more coffee establishments open in Brunei and as more people are introduced to specialty coffee, freshness of the coffee is becoming more sought after in the nation.  Having another roaster in the country means that access to fresh coffee beans becomes easier and more convenient.


I like how well lit the place is. They had 20’s – 30’s jazz playing, which made the ambiance even better.


Coffee: One of their bestsellers, RS Mocha was served with chocolate whipped cream. It had a good balance of cocoa and coffee. The choco topping is nice. Another crowd favourite is their signature Jellate made with their own mix of coffee jelly and specialty coffee, which I have yet to try. Definitely going back again, hopefully soon.


They also have drip coffee and you can choose the brewing method – Chemex, V60 Pour and Aeropress – and for the beans options customers have options from Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia. The barista recommended that I give the Ethiopia Sidamo a try. It was medium bodied, with notes of lemon, berries and honey.

Fans of cold brews would be stoked to know they also have cold brews in-store.

Food: They serve cakes and pastries. We had Chicken Mushroom Puffs which was so good we ordered seconds. They are also affordably priced.

Service: Friendly baristas and cashiers. They were more than happy to give their recommendations and answer questions.

Opening Hours: 

Monday – Wednesday 7 AM – 7 PM

Thursday – Saturday 7AM – 10PM (Please take note that all establishments in Brunei will close from 12PM – 2PM every Fridays)

Sunday 8AM – 8PM

Location: Jerudong Complex, Jalan Jerudong

Instagram: @roastedsip

Wholesale enquiries:


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