Infographics: Coffee Consumption in Brunei (Preliminary Findings)

If you’re following coffeegirlbn on Twitter, for the past few weeks in September 2016, you might be aware that I have conducted several polls with regards to coffee consumption or habit in Brunei. Caution: I only managed to get an average number of participants of 15 – quite small and may not represent the whole nation of… Read More Infographics: Coffee Consumption in Brunei (Preliminary Findings)

Ran’s Coffee

Ran’s Coffee started selling coffee on Instagram (@ranscoffee) and delivering them to customers. They also occasionally conducted private latte art classes. On 25th July 2016, they opened their coffee-to-go kiosk at Centrepoint, Gadong. I really like the colour scheme of the kiosk, it’s so bright and cheerful! The place can fit up 4-5 patrons. The kiosk is also… Read More Ran’s Coffee